Cedar Hill Cemetery

Cedar Hill Cemetery

Cedarville, NJ 08311



Allan Willis………………………………..Superintendent

Bernard DeVol Jr.……………………………….Treasurer


Rodney Willis

James Howell

Charles Laury

Bernard DeVol Jr. President

Cindy Ayars, Secretary


                                                           197 North Main Street

P.O. Box 307

Cedarville, New Jersey  08311


March 1, 2017


Cedar Hill Cemetery is open from dawn to dusk.



 Over a century ago, as the burying ground at the First Presbyterian Church was becoming congested, the Board of Trustees wisely conceived the idea of establishing a new cemetery.  In 1895, a survey was made and Cedar Hill, then covered with trees and underbrush, became a cemetery.  Cedar Hill Cemetery is a quiet, restful, peaceful spot with appropriate surroundings.  Many generations of families are lot holders in Cedar Hill.  Monuments, headstones, and markers are in an orderly arrangement.  The congregation of First Presbyterian Church considers the cemetery and its maintenance to be a Christian ministry to the wider Cedarville community.

After careful examination of present regulations used by many cemeteries in the area and across the country the Trustees of the Cedar Hill Cemetery have updated the rules and regulations (bylaws).  This update clarifies bylaws that have been in existence for many years.

Legal counsel was sought during this update and their input was followed.

These bylaws will be reviewed on a yearly basis to be sure they are up to date.



All lots are sold subject to the Bylaws of Cedar Hill Cemetery.  These rules and regulations are carried out by the authorized Superintendent of Cedar Hill Cemetery.  The Cemetery Superintendent is authorized by the Management of Cedar Hill Cemetery, the Trustees of the First Presbyterian Church of Cedarville.


Copies of the Bylaws are given to purchasers of lots at the time of the sale.  By purchasing or maintaining ownership of a lot, the owner agrees to accept and abide by the terms and conditions of the Bylaws.


There is to be no transfer of lots from one party to another party without written approval of Cedar Hill Management.



Perpetual Care is placed upon a lot at the time of sale.  The monies are placed in securities so that only the income is used to defray the upkeep of the cemetery



The Management of Cedar Hill Cemetery will keep the cemetery a quiet, restful and peaceful place for loved ones and visitors to the cemetery.  Management reserves the right to remove articles from grave sites such as (but not limited to) stuffed animals, toys, ribbons, faded artificial flowers, pinwheels, statues, boxes, shells, stones, metal designs, lights (solar or otherwise), candles, chairs, shepherd’s hooks, stand up decorations.

Management will promptly remove such prohibited items from the grave site and notify the owner of the plot of the removal by calling and sending a letter to the telephone number and address on record.  Thirty days after notice is given the Superintendent will dispose of the items.  It is up to the owner to keep contact information current.

There will be no coping, curbing, decorative rocks, fencing, hedging, shrubbery, roses, bushes, trees on lots, walls, wooden enclosures, wire enclosures, railings, arbors, grave mounds, borders or enclosures on graves.  The Cemetery Superintendent, or his caretakers, will remove these.

There will be no desecration of grave sites by digging out grass and replacing it or in any other way changing the original condition of the grave.

Glass is prohibited at all times.



 All flowers must be kept within six inches of monuments, markers and headstones due to mowing of the cemetery.  Management does not attend to flowers and will assume no responsibility regarding same.  Funeral flowers are normally removed after one week by the Management when time allows.

Fresh flower arrangements are allowed on lots in disposable vases within six inches of monuments.  Live flowers are to be planted within 6 inches of the front of a memorial.

Plastic flowers are also to be within 6” of a memorial and in a container.

Any plantings hindering maintenance may be removed without notice by Cemetery personnel.

Grave blankets and wreathes are allowed as winter decoration from November until spring cleanup.



 All monument and stones shall meet with Cemetery Management approval.  No sandstone or soapstone monument shall be erected.  All corner markers are to be at ground level.  Monuments shall be placed in the center of the lot, grave headstone markers at head only. All monuments and headstone markers must have proper foundations.



 No mausoleums or statues are permitted due to the care involved.



 Not more than two lots are to be sold to an individual.  No dealers invited.



 Notice to Cemetery Management will be required to prepare graves.  All must have a vault satisfactory to the Cemetery Management.  Only one body will be allowed to be interred in a single grave.  Interments are for human bodies only.  Payments of all cemetery bills must be made before interment takes place in a lot.  Hardship cases must be approved in writing by Cemetery Management.



 Urns/cremains may be interred over an existing vault or in an unused grave.



 No “for sale” signs or any other advertising is allowed.




 Cedar Hill Management will take all reasonable precautions to protect lot owners and their property within the cemetery from loss, damage or injury.


In order to keep up with changing times and situations that arise, Cedar Hill Cemetery reserves the right, at any time, with or without notice to lot owners, to adopt new rules and regulations (Bylaws) or to amend, alter and/or repeal any Article, section or paragraph.  This is in addition to a yearly review the beginning of each year.

These bylaws are in keeping with other cemeteries.  We appreciate your questions or input in writing to the Trustees.  After consideration you will receive a written reply.