Across The World

Outreach to Our World Missions

 Missions has long been the heartbeat at The First Presbyterian Church.  We support both foreign and local missionaries as well as some community outreach efforts. 

2017 was a Great Success!  Below are the Causes & Amounts we were able to donate to 

Inter-varsity Fellowship – Kathy K. McCready              $ 500.00

Wycliffe Translators –  Barbara Allen                             $ 500.00

Ranch  Hope  in  Alloway, N.J.                                           $ 500.00

Lift FM  Radio Ministry  (Local 98.5 FM)                        $ 500.00

Presbyterian  Lay  Committee                                           $ 500.00

Cornerstone  Woman’s  Resource  Centers                     $ 500.00

4 Presbytery Offerings

One Great Hour of Sharing                                                   $250.00

Pentecost Offering                                                                  $250.00

Peacemaking Offering                                                            $250.00

Christmas Joy Offering                                                           $250.00

Special Local Mission Projects

Sponsored Mexican Family                                                 $ 1,000.00

Backpack Snack Community Program                             $ 1,043.57

Total  2017  Mission Budget                                                $ 6,043.57

Links can be found at the bottom of this page for the causes listed above.


Each month we will place information from the Missionary Messenger on this page so that you will be aware of each missionary’s activities, needs, and prayer.


Missionary of the Month:  Barbara Allan 

         Barbara went home to be with our Lord and Savior this year.  We have supported Barbara many years in donations to help fund her passion  – working with Wycliffe Bible Translators.  
Please pray for Barbara’s family and that her work will be blessed for years to come.
Wycliffe Bible Translators  –
Ranch Hope  –
Lift FM Christian Radio Station  –
Presbyterian Lay Committee  –
Cornerstone Woman’s Resource Centers  –
One Great Hour of Sharing  –